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Weight Loss with Functional Medicine

Libertyville, IL Weight Loss

Although diet and exercise are certainly important when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, research is finding that it’s often more complex than that weight is often a culmination of your genes, environment, and lifestyle.

Granat Wellness Center has years of experience getting to the roots of weight issues, and has helped many patients in Libertyville, IL get to a healthy weight.

Functional medicine looks at all of these factors and the effects that they have on you specifically, this particular treatment method is extremely beneficial when it comes to finally losing your excess 10, 20, or even 100+ pounds.

In addition to being able to tell you what foods and activities will likely provide you the greatest results, Granat Wellness Center can also offer scientific-based advice that can help enhance your ability to shed your unhealthy weight.

For instance, recent research is finding a correlation between environmental toxins, weight, and diabetes. Additionally, if your thyroid is not functioning properly, weight gain may be the result, which makes dealing with this gland necessary for achieving true and lasting weight loss.

Oftentimes, weight is merely a symptom of something else, whether physical or emotional. Thus, finding the root cause of your weight gain is critical to reversing the trend and losing your excess weight once and for all. 

That's what Granat Wellness Center will do for you. If you're in Libertyville, IL and would like to lose weight, give our office a call today at (773) 923-2929.


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