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As someone who survived a plane crash and a debilitating chronic illness, both of which almost ended his life Dr. Granat realized that our health is a multidimensional paradigm and must be approached in a way that considers structure, nutrition, emotion, energy, and the delicate balance that exists between them. This allowed him to have a second chance at life and gain the knowledge and experience of how to do the same for his patients.

Health and wellness is not just his career it is his passion. It can be witnessed through his constant pursuit of knowledge in the latest research, focused on, nutrition, supplements, weight loss, comprehensive blood work analysis, hormonal health, acupuncture, and alleviation of pain. Over the course of his 17 year career in his quest to help himself and his patients he has achieved proficiency and certification in techniques that at their core address the 4 barriers to optimum health, that of pain & inflammation, toxicity, emotional stress, and energy imbalance.

Dr. Edward Granat Completed a 4 year bachelor’s degree with emphasis on human biology and nutrition from the university of Toronto in 1997, and was accepted in to the doctor of chiropractic program at the National university of health sciences in Lombard IL. He graduated successfully in 2002 and in the process earned another bachelor’s degree in human biology, a doctorate of chiropractic and an advanced certification in acupuncture.

His unique, gentle and safe approach along with his extensive training allows him to get to the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms. Utilizing this approach the results that Dr.Granat achieves with his patients are extraordinary, and provide the highest and best patient experience.

His mission is to help as many people as possible transform their lives and reach their highest health potential. In order to realize this goal he began teaching his patients and others through workshops and a local radio, about nutrition and natural medicine as a powerful solution to their health issues. He is best known for empowering people through his teachings to make a change in their life and take responsibility for their own health.


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